We’re guilty of having an affair with too many industries.

When I first came to Gaofu, I was blinded by ignorance, and the question of making up my mind was like this: "what else can this machine sift, besides sifting flour?"

However, within three months, the small problem had been changed to: "excuse me, what can we not sift?" Tell me Tell me! "

Plus, every day, there are new discoveries on our 400 hotlines, and customers all over the country are helping us refresh our awareness of the products: "Hello, I'd like to use  Gaofu's machine to screen." Is that all right? "

There is no limit to the material that can be sifted! The original use of vibrating screen industry there are so many!


Food industry : basically all food - related products : various rice flour products , dairy products , meat and fish products , baked goods , tea series , beverages , candy , powder food , frozen food , leisure food , food additives , etc . , we can sieve !

Classic cases: Nestle, Wangwang, Hijiro, Golden Monkey, Wahaha, Alps, Sanquan Foods, Cofco Group, Yangyuan, etc.


medical industry: a variety of Chinese medicine powder, pharmaceutical intermediates are also in the next.

Classic case: 999 group, amendment pharmaceutical, North China pharmaceutical, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Sanjin pharmaceutical, Tongrentang, Bisheng yuan and so on.


Metallurgical industry: iron powder, copper powder, nickel powder, cobalt oxalate, zinc powder, aluminum powder, tungsten carbide, tungsten oxide, tin powder, aluminum magnesium alloy, magnesium powder, sponge iron, sponge titanium, etc.

Classic cases: Jinchuan Group, Xiamen tungsten industry, Zhuzhou smelting and so on.


Building materials industry: dry mortar, special mortar, insulation mortar, stone, stone powder, putty powder, commercial concrete and raw material sand screening, etc.

Classic cases: Sany heavy Industry, Zhonglian heavy Branch and so on.


Paper making industry: paper making coating, filtration of paper white water, papermaking filler, filtration of papermaking waste water and so on.

Classic cases: Luohe Silver Pigeon, Chenming Paper Industry, Guanhao Paper Industry, Huizhong Paper Industry and so on.


Chemical industry: including battery materials, famous coatings, pigments and so on.

Classic cases: Shenzhen Bertrand, German nano, Greene, Jinchuan Group, Tianjin Strand, Xiamen tungsten industry.


Mining industry: for copper tailings, iron tailings, potassium feldspar tailings, graphite tailings, zircon tailings and other tailings dry row operations; as well as quartz sand, zircon sand, glass sand, construction sand, foundry sand, building materials sand, ceramic sand, etc.

Classic cases: Jianfeng Group, Jingfeng Mining, Wuzhou Mining, New Hongyuan Ceramics, Zhongdi Mining, etc.


Thermoelectric industry: high wear roller coal crusher is used for crushing brittleness materials, such as bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite and gangue. It can also be used in sinter, coke, slag, shale and limestone.

Classic cases: Weihai Thermoelectric, Luxi Chemical, Orchid Technology, Nanhai Jie Neng, Federal Pharmaceutical, etc.


In addition, there is a growing environmental protection industry, oil filtration industry, etc., constantly expanding the Gaofu  machinery market.

Looking around, what we eat, wear, use, live, see, seem to be related to the birth of many products, have been inseparable from the participation of shaker machinery. It is indeed worthy of the reputation of "industrial kidney".

After more than 30 years of enterprising, Gaofu  machinery is not only a screening expert, but also a pioneer of innovative products and a terminal of screening problems.

At present,Gaofu company has developed from producing rotary vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, airflow screen to intelligent environmental protection screen, probability screen (imported from Germany), tooth roller coal shredder, automatic slag removal filter, vibration conveyor, dust collector and so on. Hundreds of products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, building materials, mining, thermoelectricity, environmental protection and other fields.

With the ambition of "contributing to the Chinese national industry" and carrying the banner of "promoting social harmony and progress", the Gaofu machinery has withstood the comprehensive tests from the domestic and foreign markets, and will continue to realize the intelligentization of the production process. Collaborative customer systematization, product planning environmental protection concept of innovation and development continue to struggle!