Vibrating screen common faults and troubleshooting

Vibrating screen often appear in the failure and troubleshooting methods in the work process  :

Symptom 1: can not start or amplitude is small

Reason: 1) The motor is damaged

2) Control circuit in the electrical components damaged

3) Insufficient voltage

4) the material accumulation too much above screen surface

5) Vibrator malfunction

6) vibrator grease thickening block

Method of exclusion:

1) Replace the motor

2) Replace the electrical components

3) change the power supply

4) clean material above the screen surface

5) Repair vibrator

6) Wash the vibrator, update and add the appropriate grease

Symptom two: abnormal material flow movement

the reason:

  • did not find the right sieve box lateral horizontal

2) supporting spring steel Stiffness too large or damaged

3) screen mesh broken

4) Feeding is extremely unbalanced


1) Adjust the bracket height

2) Adjust the spring

3) Adjust the screen surface

4) uniform operation, stable feed

Symptom III: vibrating screen accuracy is poor

the reason:

1) The mesh is blocked

2) material moisture increase after feeding

3) uneven feeding machine

4) The screen surface layer is too thick

5) Screen pull is not tight, the drive belt is too loose


1) uniform operation, stable feeding

2) to reduce the vibrating screen machine load and clean the screen surface

3) Change the angle of sieve box

4) Adjust the feeding of sieve machine

5) to reduce the feeding machine sieve

6) Tension the screen and tighten the drive belt

Symptom four: the screen rotation slow down in normal work, bearing fever

cause of issue:

1) Bearing lack of oil

2) Bearing blocked

3) Bearing overfilling or adding improper oil

4) bearing damage or poor installation, the eccentric wheel off, eccentric


1) Lubricate the bearing

2) Clean the bearings, replace the seal, and inspect the labyrinth seal

3) Check the bearing oil

4) Replace the bearing, install the eccentric block, adjust the round wheel

Through the above solution can solve the common failure of vibrating screen, if you have other problems can not be solved , please call us, we will try the best to help you!