Two teeth roller crusher, four teeth roller crusher, grading crusher machine difference

Toothed roller crusher by the two motors were driven on both sides of the crusher pulleys so that the upper and lower two toothed roller and relative toothed roller for the opposite rotation, in line with the two-roll gap material automatically fall, more than two sprocket material in the teeth rolled by the combination of broken (split, rub, fold, hit) so as to achieve the required size requirements;In the current market, many forms of tooth and roll coal crusher principles are similar, but that is caused by the different technical parameters of the use of different areas; here to simply introduce to you:
Two teeth roller crusher also known as the roller crusher, is the key equipment crushing station. The machine and hopper, feeder, unloading platform, discharge machine, rack system consisting of crushing station, double roll crusher can be used to crush rock, coal, limestone, metal ore, coke, gypsum and other materials, widely used in coal mines , Metal mines, non-metallic mineral and cement construction materials industry, such as the rough and broken pieces. On the advantages of roller crusher, crushing ratio is small, full speed, coal washing plant and coal is the first choice of rough broken;
Four-roller coal crusher made a lot of market research work about hammer crusher, the hammer crusher currently used in the CFB power plant can not solve the sticky, blocking, particle size does not guarantee that vibration, noise, dust, low efficiency and other major issues, the technological innovation of the new crusher. Thoroughly solve the hammer crusher presence of sticky, block serious, particle size is not guaranteed, over the amount of crushing a serious problem, completely improving the noise and dust of the harsh working environment. Toothed roller crusher is designed for CFB power plant crusher, especially for coal gangue, lignite, bituminous coal and peat crushing.
Grading toothed roll coal crusher is mainly used in the underground, it needs proof of underground explosion proof. Roller grading crusher is mainly suitable for coarse, medium crushing brittle lumpy materials in coal mines, electric power, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. Only part of the toothed rack roller grading crusher feed size ≤ 600mm, allowing a small amount to 800 ~ 1000mm, the discharge size can be 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, etc .; toothed roller grading crusher feed size ≤ 300mm, allowing a small amount To 500mm, the discharge size of 30mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, etc., can break the rock and medium-strength rock. If the system adopts effective measures of removing iron and removing wood, the raw coal can be directly crushed without pre-screening and hand selection, which can simplify the process of coal crushing, reduce the height of the plant and reduce the investment and production of coal preparation plant and power plant cost.