The sieving of light Magnesium Oxide and Heavy Magnesium oxide

We have two types of sieving machine to meet the sieving of the light and heavy magnesium oxide, WSA airflow sieving machine and Ultrosonic sievingmachine.


Light magnesium oxide

Nature: white, amorphous powder, tasteless, non-toxic, light proportion.

Application: It is used for manufacture of metallurgy, smelting, senior magnesia brick, refractory material and moisture of material and also widely used in rubber, rubber sheet, rubber products, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastic sheet accelerator, glass steel plasticizing agent and silicon steel sheet surface coating paint, paper production, a steel ball polishing, leather processing, insulation materials, oils, dyes, ceramics, desiccant, resin, flame retardant etc..

Special feature: Big viscous、light proportion、easy moisture absorption ;

Screening purpose: Removal of impurities,breaking up the caking and varieties of material mixing.

Advantage of the airflow sieving machine: clean easily, no dead ends, low noise, good sealing, and could be used with the system, a good helper for intercepting substandard products, with a crushing function.

The screening of light weight Magnesium Oxide: used for horizontal air flow sieve to finish the capacity of 600kg/per with 100 mesh and bulk density in the 0.2-0.3; the equipment can be used continuously, just used the airflow sieving to screen so far.


Heavy magnesium oxide

Material composition: Magnesium Oxide mixture heated with magnesium carbonate.

Application: Medicine :as antacid and laxative for treatment of gastric acid too much, gastric and duodenal ulcers ;

Food processing: can be used as a whitening agent or sugar refined decolorizing agent.

The biggest use in agriculture is to be used as fertilizer and livestock feed, is the main element in the process of plant and animal metabolism, used as a feed for dairy cows, can prevent the lack of magnesium and the nervous system dysfunction.

In addition can also be used for glass fiber reinforced plastic, dye and pharmaceutical, electronics industry, insulation material industry, oil additives, casting, such as bakelite industry

Special feature:  The bulk density of the material is big, the mobility is better, the hardness is higher

Screening purpose: Removing the impurity.

Advantage of the ultrasonic vibrating sieve: with the clean type grid; low noise, high efficiency, no pollution.

Heavy Magnesium Oxide screening using ultrasonic 100 mesh screening; stacking proportion in the 0.5-0.8, the output per hour is about 400-500 kg, ordinary rotary screen is unable to meet the requirements of screening.

The screening of heavy weight Magnesium Oxide: used for ultrasonic vibrating sieve to finish the capacity of 400-500kg/per with 100 mesh and the bulk density in the 0.2-0.3; The vibrating sieve with not ultrasonic could not meet the up screening requirement.

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