The problems existing in the development of new product of vibrating screen.

With increasingly fierce competition in domestic and international market economy, the vibrating screen quality and capability to develop problems have severely hampered the development of the vibrating screen production enterprise, vibrating screen manufacturing technology is progressing slowly, one of the performance is the lack of investment in research, vibrating screen enterprise development capacity is weak, research and development costs as a share of sales is too low. The actual investment in general enterprises is only about 1%, while the large industrialized countries are more than 5%, and some as high as 10%; Second, lack of technical staff engaged in research and development workforce, our business developers accounted for the number of workers The proportion is only about 1%, while most developed countries are more than 10%; Third, the enterprise development machinery is not perfect, although the screening equipment manufacturing enterprises have a number of technology development agencies, but have a certain level of development agencies is small, a great gap compared with foreign countries; Fourth, enterprises use of social research and development capacity is not enough , Social development and enterprise production are out of line with the low rate of commercialization of scientific research.

Through industry research, the consensus reached by the CMAC Committee on Washing Equipment is that the competition in the international market is not only a contest between speed and quantity, but more importantly is the competition of science and technology, quality and efficiency. Although the level of equipment, technology and backward management are the important factors that affect the development of our screening equipment manufacturing industry, the current status of the screening machinery for several decades has seriously hindered the enterprises from effectively participating in the competition in the two markets.