The material of linear vibrating screen frame: steel and wooden

Wooden screen frame;
steel screen frame;
1)Steel screen frame selection standard: First, industry needs, when screening material requirements must be steel, for example: food, medicine and other fields; Second, screening requirements, as a general rule, when the mesh size is large,it’s suitable for larger than 30mesh.
2)Wooden screen frame selection standard: When the industry has no special requirements, mesh size is 60 mesh or less, the first choice is wooden screen frame;
3)Advantage and disadvantage of two kinds of screen frame:
Steel screen frame: Advantage: Clean, durable;
Disadvantage: Mesh installed highly professional, relatively short use life
Wooden screen frame: Advantage: easy to change the mesh, relatively long life, lower manufacturing costs, manufacturing more convenient in worksite;
Disadvantage: Easy to damage, not suitable for polluting materials and wet sieving.


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