Tailings recovery device plays an important role in Sand making equipment in Mine

With the continuous demand for natural sand and stone in our country, the ecological environment has been seriously affected. In order to ensure the rapid restoration of ecological environment, the state has banned the exploitation of natural sand and encouraged the building manufacturers to use artificial sand to replace it.

Our company has the domestic top technology, in the abundant capital and the rich sand stone crushing production experience, The tailings recovery device developed and produced is the most suitable for domestic wet production line to recover fine sand below 0.16mm so as to solve the problem of fine sand loss, and effectively strive for the objective benefits for customers.

The machinery industry is one of the industries that the state pays attention to, because the development consideration in the early exploration is not comprehensive, some problems such as the gap between the rich and the poor appear in many areas of our country, but in order to alleviate the problem gradually, China began to deploy new rural construction, urban-rural integration and other tasks, but in the future, in order to complete these tasks, the construction machinery industry is bound to enter the peak stage again.

Tailings recovery units have now become a necessary product in sand production lines, but some sand and stone factories have relatively small water output, so some small tailings recycling machines are also popular, and there are various types of small tailings recovers. In the market is also more popular.

Tailings recovery equipment contributes to the development of coal, metallurgy, mining and other industries, and meets the needs of sand and stone with the highest quality and high efficiency screening equipment in basic engineering construction projects.


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