Wheat Flour



Mesh size:
20, 30, 40 mesh
Processing materials:
Required Equipment:

Filtration machine, impact sieve, rotary vibrating screen, centrifugal sieve, flour screening system

Equipment configuration:


With the development and the improvement of people's living standards, the public's food safety and hygiene requirements are getting higher and higher. The major food enterprises control the food safety from the source of food production. Before the flour feed into the dough mixer, it is need safety protection screening, to prevent foreign matter into the next process, and ultimately cause food safety problems, causing consumer complaints.

Food processing enterprises wheat flour vibrating screen:

  1. 1. Large bakery, boutique pastry processing enterprises
  2. 2. Noodles, buns, steamed bread, dumplings and other integrated processing enterprises
  3. 3. Pre-mixed powder
  4. 4. Other food processing enterprises

For different business size and processing capacity, Xinxiang Gaofu has three targeted design solutions

Solution One:

Capacity: 500-2000 kg / h

Screen mesh: 20 mesh (aperture size: 0.85mm)

Configuration options: LS-450/550 series vibrating filter  S49-800 series vibrating sieve

Equipment Application Description: Bag flour → unpacking → artificial powder → vibrating sieve & filter screen → turnover bucket → dough mixer and mixer machine


Solution Two:

Capacity: 2000-3000 kg / hour

Screen mesh: 20 mesh (aperture size: 0.85 mm) OR 30 mesh (aperture size: 0.6 mm)

Configuration options: GF-800 clean screening feed station, SZS-800 series direct discharging vibrating sieve

Equipment Application Description: Bag flour → unpacking → artificial powder → clean screening feed station and direct discharging vibrating sieve → vacuum conveyor → dough mixer and mixer machine

Solution Three:

Capacity: 2000-10000 kg / hour

(aperture size: 0.85 mm) OR 30 mesh (aperture size: 0.6 mm) OR40 mesh (aperture size: 0.425 mm)

Configuration option: automatic multi-point feeding system

Equipment Application Description: Bulk Car → 40 tons of cache warehouse → positive pressure air sieve & clean screening feed station → dust removal → weighing system → dough mixer and mixer machine

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