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Sugar is a condiment processed from plants such as sugar cane or beet, and its main ingredient is sucrose. Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian, Taiwan and other provinces, as well as Xinjiang and Northeast China are the main sugar-producing areas in my country. Sugar is an important condiment, which can increase the sweetness and umami of dishes and the color of products. It is the main seasoning raw material for making dishes, especially beet varieties.
The production process of white sugar

Granularity of sugar

There are four grades: Refined, Superior, First Class and Second Class

  • Coarse Grain0.800~2.50mm
  • Large Grain0.630~1.60mm
  • Medium Grain0.450~1.25mm
  • Fine Grain0.280~0.800mm


1. The grains are uniform and the grain size should not be less than 80% within the following range.

2. The grains or its aqueous solutions are sweet and have no peculiar smell.

3. Dry and loose, white, shiny, no obvious black spots

Classification of sugar

A、Raw sugar

Using sugar cane and beet to extract sugar juice, after simple filtration, clarification, boiling concentration and center separation to form sugar crystals. Light brown in color. Sometimes a little molasses or water. It is the most important sugar product in international trade. Raw sugar is only used as a raw material for sugar refining and cannot be directly added to food or eaten directly.

B、White sugar

Using sugar cane and beet as raw materials (one-step method) or raw sugar (two-step method), through juicing, filtration, impurity removal, clarification (the above steps are not required for raw sugar), vacuum concentration, boiling, de-honey, washing Sugar, obtained after drying. White granulated sugar is the most important variety of edible sugar. In foreign countries, basically 100% of edible sugar is white granulated sugar. In China, white granulated sugar accounts for more than 90% of the total edible sugar. White sugar is divided into refined, superior, first-class, second-class.

C、Soft white sugar

Soft white sugar is made of white granulated sugar and raw sugar as raw materials (beets are also directly produced in Xinjiang and other places), which are recrystallized after dissolving. Soft white sugar is a kind of edible sugar that domestic consumers prefer. Its texture is soft and delicate, with small crystal particles, and about 2.5% invert syrup is sprayed in the production process, so the taste is sweeter than granulated sugar. There are three grades of soft white sugar: refined, premium and first-class.

Screening requirements for white sugar

The screening of white sugar is mainly for impurity removal and classification, and the output is 1-50 tons.

Impurity removal: 8 meshes, 10 meshes

Grading: 40 mesh, 60 mesh

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