Jinyun Deke Steel Shot


Steel shot

Mesh size:
Required Equipment:

Linear vibrating screen,Rotary vibrating screen

Equipment configuration:

of steel pellets, stainless steel balls, aluminum pellets, zinc pills, cutting balls, mJinyun Deke Steel Pill Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale etal powders, and the field use of S49-800-4S-Q235A ,1 unit and S49-600-4S-Q235A 2 units and sets of 4-layer equipment with a total of 12 grades of multi-layer screening.
Customer evaluation
Thank you very much for the good equipment provided to us by GaoFu, so that our steel balls can be automatically divided into 12 levels at the same time to achieve almost 100 accuracy levels, greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality. The rapid development of our company has contributed a lot to the fine screen machine provided by GaoFu.

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