Pingdingshan Quartz Plate Line


quartz sand

Mesh size:
Required Equipment:

Linear screen、Probability sieve


Equipment configuration:

Before the use of ordinary straight screen, a single unit processing capacity per hour a few tons, far from the screening requirements, not enough for the sand machine processing capacity. We designed 4 mesh -16 mesh for the customer to use the probability sieve to carry on the classification the remaining small part finished product to carry on the subdivision with the straight line screen, has saved the equipment investment at the same time has achieved the enhancement screening efficiency.
Customer evaluation
According to the production demand of our quartz sand sheet, GaoFu company has set up a set of screening system with probability sieve and linear screen, which has solved the industry problem which both meet the demand of production and ensure the precision of screening. They have the expert level and professional service, which makes us occupy the advantage in the competition of the same kind of industry.

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