Rubber additives


 rubber additives

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Required Equipment:

S49-C Rotary Vibrating Sieve

Equipment configuration:

The rubber additive refers to a rubber vulcanization accelerator. The vulcanization of rubber is mainly carried out using sulfur, but the reaction of sulfur with rubber is very slow, so vulcanization accelerators have emerged. The addition of the accelerator to the rubber compound can promote the activation of the vulcanizing agent, thereby accelerating the crosslinking reaction between the vulcanizing agent and the rubber molecule, thereby achieving the effects of shortening the vulcanization time and lowering the vulcanization temperature. The main use of vulcanization accelerators are mainly sulfenamides, thiazoles, thiurams, and some terpenoids, thioureas and dithiocarbamates. Among them, sulfenamides have the best comprehensive performance and are the most widely used.


Rubber additive production process


The raw materials are subjected to condensation-oxidation reaction--washing--drying--screening and removing impurities--finished packaging

Sieving aim

The purpose of screening is to remove impurities, because in the above production process, it is inevitable that there will be residues or other foreign matter on the pipe wall of the equipment entering the material. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out screening and impurity removal in order to ensure the quality of the materials.


Analysis of customer screening

The rubber additives have poor fluidity and are easy to be adsorbed on the screen to block the mesh. The output requirements are still large. It is difficult to meet the requirements of the production system with the general sieve machine. According to the above actual situation, we have developed the centrifugal sifter, as long as the equipment is connected in series in the production system, it is placed between the dryer and the packaging machine, so that the whole system is sealed, dust-free and environmentally friendly, and the wind road is used to solve the problem of blockage and the output is large, saving manpower. If you are in the auxiliaries industry and still have no choice for screening, please choose Gaofu centrifugal sifter, which will make your products invincible in the market competition!


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