Mesh size:
Required Equipment:

GLS probability screen, SZF-C linear vibrating screen


Equipment configuration:

Refractory generally refers to inorganic non-metallic materials with a refractoriness over 1580 ° C. It includes natural ores and various finished products that have been manufactured according to certain requirements. It has a certain high temperature mechanical properties, good volume stability. It is the necessary materials for all kinds of high temperature equipment .

Screening purpose

The main purpose is classification, the particles and powder is divided into different sizes of particle segments

Refractories production process

Qualified raw material powder → Roll crusher → Vibrating screen → Particle analysis and inspection → Dosing electronic scale → Mixing machine → Particle analysis and inspection → Packaging → Finished product

The problem should be paid attention in refractory material production process design

Vibrating screen is generally arranged in the high-level plant in the crushing plant, its span is generally not less than 8m, and 9m can be allowed if the production is complex with multi-species products. Screening equipment center line and bucket elevator centerline in a straight line, their space should ensure the minimum required size for installed tube between the bucket elevator and screening machine, tube tilt angle is not less than 45 °. In order to improve the screening efficiency, make the material covered the screen surface, it can be set at the board in the sieve inlet

Analysis of customer screening situation.

Refractory raw materials is general stored in the silos for ingredients after crushed, fine grinding and screening, The biggest problem of storing powder in silos is particle segregation. Because the powder particles are generally not a single particle size, they are generally from coarse to fine continuous grain size composition, and only the the different proportions between the size of the various powder and particle size. When the powder is discharged into the silo, the coarse and fine particles begin to delaminate, the fine powder is concentrated in the central part of the discharge port, and the coarse particles roll to the periphery of the silo. When discharged from the silo, the material in the middle out of the discharge port first, the surrounding material will be down with the material layer , and flow into the middle, and then out from the discharge port to cause particle segregation.
At present, the methods to solve particle segregation in the storage silos of production, there are as following:
1) The powder for multi-level screening, so that the grain size difference smaller in the same silo.
2) increase the feeding port, that is, more mouth feeding.
3) Separate silo.

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