Quartz sand


Quartz sand

Mesh size:
Required Equipment:

Linear vibrating screen , Probability vibrating screen

Equipment configuration:

Quartz sand vibrating screen value

Quartz sand is a non-metallic mineral. It is a hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable silicate mineral. Take quartz stone plate as an example: it has the characteristics of no scraping, no pollution, no use. Quartz sand is widely used in glass, abrasives, casting, filter materials, construction, sheet, fireproof materials, etc.

 Screening purpose

One is coarse sieve classification, and the other is fine sieve multi-layer classification.



Quartz sand vibrating screen process

  1. First, the stone material is initially crushed by a coarse crusher. Then, the coarse material produced is transported by a belt conveyor to a fine crusher for further crushing. The finely crushed stone material enters the vibrating sieve and separates two kinds of stones,to satisfy the sand making machine. The grain size of the stone is sand, and the other part is returned to the finecrusher. A part of the stone from the sand machine is made into sand, which is washed by a sand washing machine to make a finished sand, and another part of the sand machine is broken again.
  2. The production line has high degree of automation, low operating cost, high breaking rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, simple maintenance, and the produced mechanism sand meets national standards, and the product has uniform particle size and good granular shape.


Effective analysis of customer needs

  1. Quartz sand multi-layer classification, different particle sizes have different uses, water content less than 7%, non-stick material, any dry material screening. The finished crude material generally has 4 mesh, 8 mesh, 16 mesh, 30 mesh, 50 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh, and 140 mesh. The screening accuracy is >90%, and the same specifications are required to be even and uniform, without large particles and fine powder.
  2. At present, due to the efficiency of the sand making machine, the quartz stone plate line use sand making machine of 100t/h, and the finished product only accounts for 20-30%. This requires a large capacityprobability sieve to complete, and the probability sieve single equipment is 3-5 times of the ordinary vibrating screen.


Quartz sand vibrating screen features

  1. The design of the screen machine is exquisite and easy to assemble. The screen machine can be operated by one person. The sieve beam and the screen box are made of high-strength bolts. Simple structure and convenient quick maintenance.
  2. Unique screen structure design, convenient and quick replacement of the screen (only 3 to 5 minutes), in addition to this design allows the use of a variety of screens (nylon, pp net, etc.);
  3. The mother net fully supports the fine mesh, so the fine mesh can have a long life, and it can reduce the use of fine mesh consumables, and it can reduce many costs in the long-term production process.
  4. Adopting small amplitude, high frequency and large dip angle structure, the machine has high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, long service life, low power consumption and low noise.

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