Chinese medicine powder


Chinese medicine powder

Mesh size:
10-325 mesh
Required Equipment:

WSA Series centrifugal sifter, S49 series vibrating sieve, SZF Series linear vibrating sieve

Equipment configuration:

Chinese medicine powder refers to the natural medicine and its processing substitutes that are guided by the theory of Chinese medicine,  and have a unique theoretical system and application form, which are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. It has the function of rehabilitation and health care, and mainly include plant medicine, animal medicine and minerals medicine, some herbs are not easy to dissolve and the taste is strong, it may make the patient's throat and so on are strongly stimulated, Chinese medicine can directly blunt after grind into powder.

Screening purpose

Remove impurity and large particles; serious dust in the sieving process, not only the loss of valuable Chinese medicine powder, but also on-site workers have been affected by the attack of the powder at long time, so that workers suffer.

Production process


Analysis of specific screening situation

In accordance with the production process, the Chinese medicine powder is divided into: crushing (grinding) of Chinese medicine powder and traditional Chinese medicine extract dried Chinese medicine powder, for the above two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine powder, we have different screening equipment to choose:

1. After grinding the traditional Chinese medicine powder, more fiber content, screening difficult, the general screening equipment due to screening process material easy to huddle, it can not meet the needs of the screening, this time the most suitable equipment is Xinxiang Gaofu air flow screen. According to the customer's output, we have WSA-18-65 and WSA-30-100 two kinds of equipment models, because the traditional Chinese medicine powder products with a high proportion and light characteristics, flying out of the material are profitable, Xinxiang Gaofu air flow screen and dust Equipment combination of the formation of intelligent screening system, both to solve the waste of raw materials, but also improve the work site environment, improve employee satisfaction, reduce environmental risks;
2. Second, after drying the traditional Chinese medicine powder, due to the production process, it will produce false caking inevitably. For this situation, we mainly recommend the rotary vibration screen and linear vibrating screen , according to the customer's screen mesh number , capacity and the site of space, choose the right equipment for customer professional.

Medicine powder sieving machine

Medicine powder sieving machine

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