Capsule drug

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Drugs refer to substances used to prevent, treat, and diagnose human diseases, regulate human physiology and stipulate indications or functions, usages, and dosages purposefully, including Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese patent medicines, and chemical raw materials. And its preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs, serum, vaccines, blood products and diagnostic drugs.

Drug trait classification


Enteric coated tablets, coated tablets, film coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, extract tablets, dispersible tablets, scratched tablets, sustained release tablets, sustained release coated tablets, controlled release tablets


Hard capsules, soft capsules (gel pills), enteric capsules, sustained release capsules, controlled release capsules

Oral ointment

Oral solution, oral suspension, oral emulsion, syrup, oral solution, emulsion, emulsion, colloidal solution, mixture, expectorant, drops, suspension drops

Oral pills

Big pill, dripping pill, honey pill

Oral granules, powder, powder

Granules, enteric granules, dry suspensions, inhalation powders, dry powders, dry powder inhalers, powder inhalers, dry powders, powders, powders, powders

Topical enamel, cream, paste, powder

Ointment, cream, cream, paste, ointment, plaster, hydrophilic plaster, latex, gel, patch, plaster, film, transdermal patch, eye drop, eye drop Liquid, ear drops, ear drops, nasal drops, nasal drops, powders, powders, spreading agents, dusting

Topical paint, suppository

Suppository, anal plug, vaginal suppository, paint, coating agent, coating agent


Injection, injection, solution for injection, injection for intravenous drip, suspension for injection, sterile powder for injection, intravenous injection, water needle, emulsion for injection, powder injection, injection, sterile powder needle, Freeze-dried powder


Poppy, musk, ephedra and hormonal drugs, stimulant drugs, protein assimilation drugs

Ephedrine preparation

Compound ephedrine preparation medicine


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