Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese Herbal Medicine

1000 Kg/h
Required Equipment:

GFBD-A tumbler screen、SZF-A linear vibrating sieve

Equipment configuration:

With the increasing diversity of health needs of the people, Chinese herbal medicine with he rapid development in the medical, health care, food , not only the Chinese love and promotion, but also to foreign people favor, According to information: the United States imports of Chinese medicine,the total value of $ 270 million, accounting for 14.1% of the proportion of Chinese medicine exports in 2015 ... ... To this end, the rapid industrialization of Chinese medicine, the relevant favorable policies introduced, greatly enhance the development of enterprises at the same time also strengthened the quality control, from cultivation , harvest, processing, harvest ... ... if your herbs be selected it carefully?

Xinxiang Gaofu mechanical herbal vibro sifter machine solve the problem for you to!

The reason you choose:

1. The soil from rhizome: artificial removal is not complete, the operation of gray layer flying, harm the health of workers.
2. The film, silk, paragraph, block 4 large scale scale: artificial selection of low efficiency, regeneration of man-made impurities, resulting in a second selection.
(According to the shape of specific data requirements, the use of different models, configure a different screen frame, select the screen aperture, the pictures: linear sieve, swing sieve, strip slab, braid, round, square)
3.Crushing the size: the size of different sizes, artificial difficult to select, a direct impact on follow-up storage and product value.
(Multi-layer extension, double amplitude 3-8mm free adjustment, efficiency double guarantee)

Herbal vibro sifter machine

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