Small food flour feeding system


Flour, starch

80 ton
Mesh size:
16 mesh
Equipment configuration:

Powder supply system process
System interpretation
● The system consists of a vacuum feeder, a positive pressure centrifugal sifter, a in-line sieve, a buffer silo, a weighing silo, a mixing machine, dough mixer, etc.
Powder supply system site


Comparison of new technology and old technology
Process comparison Artificial
New Technology The new process only needs: 2 people, which can save 300,000 yuan in labor costs per year;
Old Technology Old process requires 7 people;
Process comparison Environmental protection
New Technology The new technology connects each equipment with pipelines, which meets the environmental protection A-level requirements, and the production is not stopped throughout the year;
Old Technology The old technology needs to stop production when the red and orange warnings are issued, and the loss is 2.5 million based on 50 days.
Process comparison Safety
New Technology The new process pipeline is airtightly connected, which is safer without dust;
Old Technology Dust from old technology can easily cause dust explosion.
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  • Food powder supply system
  • Food powder supply system
  • Food powder supply system
  • Food powder supply system

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