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Tea is a famous and unique drink in China, and sold at domestic and abroad. Shrubs or small trees, shoots glabrous. Leaves leathery, oblong or elliptic, apex obtuse or acute, base cuneate, shiny above, glabrous or initially pilose below, margin serrate, petiole glabrous. Capsule 3 spherical or 1-2 spherical, 1.1-1.5 cm high, 1-2 seeds per ball. Flowering October to February the following year. Wild species are found in mountainous areas of all provinces south of the Yangtze River in China. They are small-arborescent and have large leaves, often more than 10 cm in length. For a long time, the cultivars and leaves have undergone great changes after long-term cultivation. Tea can be used as a beverage, contains a variety of beneficial ingredients, and health benefits.

Screening purpose of tea

In accordance with the screening needs of customers, tea can be divided into broken tea and bar tea screening, broken tea is generally used for tea triangle bag, no matter what form of screening purposes are generally classification.

Screen mesh of tea

The screen mesh of broken tea is generally 20/30/40/50/60 etc.
The screening hole diameter is generally 10mm/8mm/6mm/4mm/2mm etc

As the proportion is light and the unit volume is big, according to different production, the industry usually choose rotary vibrating sieve and linear vibrating sieve.

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