Central kitchen flour feeding system

A food company in Luoyang builds a central kitchen and uses a Gaofu flour feeding system to complete the automatic flour feeding process from flour to the kneading machine to realize the visualization of the source and ensure the automation of the overall project.
Application Field
  • flour feeding system
  • flour feeding system
Industry Status

Labor intensive

Manually throw the flour into the vibrating screen, no feeding platform.

Poor environment

The ground is full of ground powder and dust generated by screening.

Secondary pollution

Manually transfer the secondary packaging of flour to the operation room, which cannot avoid the risk of secondary pollution during the transfer.

System Solutions

flour feeding system

01Dust-free feeding, low environmental dust concentration

02On-line screening

03Automatic transfer, low loss

04Zero residue in the pipeline

Customer Site
  • flour feeding system
  • flour feeding system

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