Coal slurry dewatering



Mesh size:
Density :

The production of slime is in the case of
1, flotation tailings of coking coal preparation plant
2, slime is produced by coal-water mixture
3, the slime from mine drainage and gangue mountain watering washed down
Characteristics of slime
1, fine grain size, more particle content, especially less than 200 mesh particles accounted for about 70% to 90%.
2, strong water holding capacity, high moisture content. The slime water content is generally more than 30% after sludge filtered by the disc vacuum filter. Folding belt filter dehydrated slime water content in 26% to 29%; the filter press dehydrated slime water content in 20% to 24%.
3, Ash content is high, low calorific value. The slime can be divided into three categories according to the ash and calorific value: low ash coal ash is 20% to 32%, calorific value of 12.5 ~ 20MJ / kg; middle ash coal ash is 30% to 55% , calorific value of 8.4 ~ 12.5MJ / kg; high ash coal ash is > 55%, calorific value of 3.5 ~ 6.3MJ / kg.
4, More sticky. As the slime generally contains more clay minerals, coupled with high moisture content, particle size composition is fine, so most of the slime viscosity, and some also have a certain mobility. Due to these characteristics, it is difficult to pile, store and transport slime. Especially in the stockpile, its shape is very unstable, water is lost, dry that is flying. The result is not only a waste of valuable coal resources, but also caused serious environmental pollution, and sometimes even constrained the normal production of coal preparation plant, a coal preparation plant a more difficult problem.

Coal slurry dewatering equipment

New Coal Slurry Dewatering Equipment Site
Washing & coal preparation plant coal slime dehydration recycling, dry pile transportation reuse and waste for treasure
Coal slurry dewatering equipment

Traditional coal slime precipitation recovery work site
Site large, long time, low production capacity, causing significant pollution to the environment.

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