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Crushing granularity:
Required Equipment:

GF4PG  Four Teeth Roller Crusher

Equipment configuration:

Federation Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd. is part of Federal International Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Exchange 3933), founded in April 2007, is the largest federal pharmaceutical investment, the most complete industrial chain production base, The current size of the machine is 5 × 260t/h high temperature and high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler. In 2011, two sets of GF4PG350 and GFBTS350 were ordered for high gear roller crusher and GaoFu self-cleaning bar screen GFBTS350 respectively.
Because GaoFu has participated in more than 20 large CFB boiler thermoelectric industry conferences, need to buy crusher, federal pharmaceutical first thought of GaoFu machinery. As a well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, the site requirements are very high, for crusher and vibrating screen design are specific requirements, so at that time design cost a lot of thought, eventually to achieve customer demand on the spot!
In the past four years, the federal pharmaceutical company has used our GaoFu medical special screen, dust removal equipment and so on. GaoFu has always used practical and efficient products, high quality and first-class service to customers! GaoFu products have penetrated into various industries, such as thermoelectric, chemical, medicine, food, metallurgy and so on. If you are interested in us or have questions, please click On line, we will provide you with the most appropriate service.

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