Calcium hydroxide slurry


Calcium hydroxide slurry(Lime emulsion)

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Introduction of calcium hydroxide slurry

01) Production process: calcium carbonate is added to a certain proportion of water reaction → calcium hydroxide slurry.

Note: A temperature of about 70° is generated during the reaction, so the calcium hydroxide slurry can be used for drying;

02) Use of calcium hydroxide slurry: used for SO2 in flue gas generated after de-waste incineration;

Note: When using waste calcination to generate electricity, SO2 gas will be generated in the air when the garbage is incinerated. The calcium hydroxide slurry is directly sprayed in the smoke, which will cause SO2 in the flue gas to react with the calcium hydroxide slurry, produce CaSO3·0.5H2O crystal, thereby purifying the SO2 gas generated by the waste incineration;


Purpose of calcium hydroxide slurry filtration

The purpose of the calcium hydroxide slurry filtration is to prevent solid small particles from clogging the tip during spraying with the tip, so 12 mesh is filtered out with coarse solid particles;


Analysis of customer screening needs

01) Gasket: Use wear-resistant and high-temperature rubber gasket, never leaking liquid;

Because calcium carbonate will produce a temperature of 70-80℃ during the process of reacting with it, the gasket must be high temperature resistant;

02) Structure: upper cover plus spray device;

What is the purpose of the top cover with sprinkler? Is it to clean the screen or to dilute the calcium hydroxide slurry during the screening process? The sprinkler head and the water pressure of different choices are also different, so what is the purpose of confirming the spray? This will provide customers with the right type of sprinkler;

Note: The purpose of the customer's sprinkler is to clean the screen and prevent the mesh from being blocked; therefore, the customer says that it needs 5 kg of water; We must check each detail when checking the requirements with the customer. Because customers have requirements, there must be a reason, we must conduct an in-depth analysis of each requirement, ask questions, in order to recommend more suitable equipment for customers.

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