Dust-free safety solutions for food factories

Current status of food factories

Most of the raw materials of food factories are transported in bags, and some companies do not screen the raw materials before use. This becomes a hidden danger of food safety. From the perspective of food safety and hygiene, screening of raw materials before use is necessary. And to ensure that the feeding environment is dust-free, mechanical automation is an important hardware for production and the basis of product quality. Food hygiene indicators are directly related to whether food can enter the market and have a profound impact.

Production labor safety

In recent years, environmental protection issues have been tightened, and environmentally untrustworthy companies have struggled to move forward. Long-term exposure to dust can cause various damage to the health of workers. The company and its employees depend on each other, and the physical and mental health of employees is critical to the long-term development of the company. In the engineering of raw material feeding and screening, manual feeding, bag changing, and finished product transportation are uncontrollable. The steady and slow feeding of skilled workers during feeding and transportation can effectively reduce dust but cannot be completely avoided.

Environmental check

Different plants have different requirements. The dust concentration in the general workplace shall not exceed 10mg/m³. Hygiene standards stipulate the maximum concentration of harmful substances in the air of workshops and residential areas. For example, the maximum allowable concentration of general dust in the air of a workshop is 10 mg/m3, and for dust containing more than 10% of free silica, it is 2 mg/m3.

Dust generation
  • bag dump stationMaterial issuesLightweight powdery materials are prone to produce dust during large-scale feeding and transportation. If the material has large particles and large specificity, it will be improved to reduce dust problems.
  • bag dump stationPackaging issuesAccepted materials are generally divided into: 25/50 kg, ton bags, and bulk trucks. The diameter of the feeding port and the feeding pressure will cause dust to varying degrees.
  • bag dump stationPersonnel issuesThe quality of personnel, work proficiency, physical and mental state, the number of personnel involved, income treatment, etc., they will all affect the amount and intensity of feed, resulting in varying degrees of dust pollution.
The harm caused by dust problems
  • Dusty environment
  • Security risks
  • Material waste
  • Cleaning takes time
  • Environmental check
  • Poor working environment
  • bag dumping stationApplication range:customer groups who need to screen small and medium powder materials, basically solve the feeding dust
  • bulk bag dump stationApplication range:customer groups for continuous production of large and medium-sized powder raw materials, solve the problem of dust during transportation of finished products
  • bulk bag dump stationApplication range:suitable for screening of severely dusty materials, continuous feeding system

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