Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API)

Mesh size:
24-100 mesh
Required Equipment:

Ultrasonic vibrating sieve

Equipment configuration:

API vibrating screen introduction

APIs are approved by the chemical synthesis, plant extracts or biotechnology prepared for use as a medicinal powder, crystal, extract, etc., but the patient can not take directly, it needs further processing.

This product is white or white flaky crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, taste astringent. This product is slightly soluble in water, very slightly soluble in ethanol, almost insoluble in chloroform refers to the raw materials used to produce various types of drugs, is the active ingredient in the preparation, by chemical synthesis, plant extracts or biotechnology prepared Used as a medicinal powder, crystal, extract, etc., but the patient can not directly take the material. According to its source of raw materials divided into chemical synthetic drugs and natural chemical drugs two categories.

Chemical synthetic medicine can be divided into inorganic synthetic medicine and organic synthetic medicine. Inorganic synthetic medicine is inorganic compounds (very individual elements), such as for the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcer aluminum hydroxide, magnesium trisilicate; organic synthetic drugs mainly by the basic organic chemical raw materials, after a series of organic Chemical reaction and prepared drugs (such as aspirin, chloramphenicol, caffeine, etc.).

Natural chemical medicine: Biochemical drugs can also be divided into two categories of chemical and phytochemicals. Antibiotics are generally made by microbial fermentation, which belongs to the category of biochemistry. In recent years, a variety of semi-synthetic antibiotics, it is a combination of biosynthesis and chemical products. Among the APIs, the varieties of organic synthetic medicine, the largest proportion of output and output value, are the main pillars of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The quality of the medicine substance determines the quality of the preparation, so its quality standards are very strict. The countries in the world have formulated strict national pharmacopoeia standards and quality control methods for their widely used APIs.

Production process

Raw material extraction - Filtration - Crystallization - Separation - Drying - Screening - Inner packaging - Outer packaging

vibrating screen Screening purpose

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, intermediate synthesis of materials in different particle size, uneven particle size was devalued or even rejected. Powder because of excessive levels of plant fiber so that the value can not be improved, pills size is different, adhesions, API specifications is various, nearly a thousand species, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient has: material sticky, adsorption, sieve blocking, material surface shape, bulk density demanding strictly, can not be damaged, such as capsule pellets raw materials.

Analysis of customer screening situation: Why choose the X model screen frame? Because it is the only way to meet the GMP standard screen installation, screening efficiency, screen welding smooth, uniform layout of the mesh, the material qualified rate is high.

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