Starch, whole flour, starch glue and so on

0.3 — 3t/h
Mesh size:
20-120 mesh
Equipment configuration:

Starch introduction

Starch is a polymer of glucose molecules, which is the most common form of storage of carbohydrates in cells. Starch in the restaurant industry, also known as powder, hydrolysis to disaccharide phase of maltose, completely hydrolyzed monosaccharide (glucose). Starch is a nutrient that is stored in plants and stored in seeds and tubers. Starch content is high in all kinds of plants. Starch can be considered as a high polymer of glucose. Starch in addition to food, the industry for the system of dextrin, maltose, glucose, etc., It is also used in the preparation of printing paste, textile sizing, paper sizing. By corn, sweet potatoes, pueraria and other substances derived from starch.

Starch classification

Corn starch, modified starch, wheat starch, potato starch, meal flour, crushed flour, mung bean flour, mung bean starch, tapioca starch, sweet potato starch, sweet potato starch, wheat starch, water chestnut starch, Kudzu starch, starch gum, wheat gluten, defatted wheat germ meal, meal, rice starch, pea starch, glutinous rice starch, erythritol, sorbitol, sugar alcohol, beer syrup, malt syrup, glucose syrup, Pre-gelatinized starch, Phosphate Starch, Acid Starch, Cationic Starch, Carboxymethyl Starch, Native Starch, Starch Syrup (Starch Lake), Starch Syrup, High Wheat Dental Syrup, Sago Starch, medical starch, food starch, industrial starch and the like.

Screening requirement

The main purpose is grading and impurity removal.
Potato powder, corn starch, modified starch, whole powder, purple sweet potato powder in the production process, the general (most manufacturers) screening of 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 50 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh,The finest screening is 120 mesh.

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