Several factors need to consider when purchasing a linear vibrating screen

First of all, we describe the working principle of linear vibrating screen: Linear vibrating screen the use of vibration motor excitation as a vibration source, so that the material is thrown on the screen, while moving forward straight, material from the feeder evenly into the linear vibrating screen feed inlet, through the multi-layer screen to produce several specifications of the sieve material, under the sieve, were discharged from their respective outlets. With low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust spill, automatic nesting, very suitable for the assembly line in the production process.

Secondly, we describe the use of linear vibrating screen: The scope of application of linear vibrating screen is very wide, its main advantage is that all kinds of powder, granular materials can be accurately screened, grading, In particular, the Gaofu  linear vibrating screen has more than 10 patented technology, but also to ensure that no matter what the fineness of the material will not appear the drawbacks of the traditional linear shale material leakage, so plastic, abrasive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, food, carbon, fertilizer and other industries have an extremely wide range of applications.

Again, we describe the classification of linear vibrating screen: According to the structure is generally divided into light linear vibrating screen and heavy linear vibrating screen. Light linear vibrating screen is mainly used in food, medicine, chemicals, plastics and other industries demanding the production process of screening machines, such as food, medicine production must meet the GMP certification standards. The heavy linear vibrating screen (also belong to the mine sieve) are generally used in building materials, mining, coal, electricity and other industries.

Finally, then when we re-purchase linear vibrating screen, we should fully consider the above factors, combined with their own industry, the required output, area and other factors, to buy the most suitable for their own linear shale shaker.

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