Rotary vibration sieve principle and technical parameters

Rotary vibration sieve work principle: Rotary vibration sieve use motor rotation to produce exciting force, make the sieve body produce complex rotating sieve vibration, the trajectory of the complex space for the three-dimensional curve, adjust the upper and lower hammer space and bit angle can be effective To change the trajectory of the material to extend or shorten the material in the screen surface dwell time in order to achieve the desired screening effect.


Rotary screen is a new screening equipment, compared with other screening equipment has the following salient features.

1, Under the screen is equipped with the bouncing ball, which can effectively eliminate the network blockage, high screening efficiency.

2, the screen tension is reasonable, easy to replace, just 5 minutes.

3, fully enclosed structure, no slurry overflow.

4, simple operation, easy to clean, the general cement floor can be used directly.

Scope of application:

Rotary vibration sieve have stainless steel type, ordinary type, explosion-proof, ultrasonic type. Suitable for powder, particle screening and slurry filtration. Such as:

Chemical industry: PVC resin powder, phenolic resin powder, polyethylene powder, epoxy powder, pigments, miscellaneous materials, fire extinguishing agents, cosmetics and so on.

Food and pharmaceutical industry: citric acid, gluconic acid, starch, egg powder, sugar, salt, alkali, fruit juice, flavor, seasoning, soybean oil, soy milk, syrup, injection, oral health products.

Metallurgical building materials industry: zinc oxide, titanium oxide, lead powder, titanium powder, nickel powder, iron powder, copper powder, electromagnetic material, rare earth, lead silver paste, clay, ceramic slurry, glaze, kaolin, refractory materials.

Other aspects: carbon black, activated carbon, glass powder, abrasive, pearl, clay mud, black and white liquid, filler liquid, waste liquid, waste water recycling.