Rotary vibrating sieve use and maintenance

  1. Vibratingsieve should be equipped with electrical protection device.
  2. Rotary vibratingsieve initial operation, check the anchor bolts to prevent loosening once a day at least.
  3. When the motor rotation direction does not meet the requirements, adjust the power phase sequence.
  4. The motor should ensure good lubrication, lithium-based grease (ZL-3) for each operation for about two weeks, when refueling, by adding an appropriate amount of lithium-based grease cup. When using sealed bearings, the motor is not installed oil cup.
  5. The machine running 1500 hours cumulative, should check the bearings, if the bearing serious damage, itshould be replaced immediately.
  6. The machine is not used for a long time after re-use, the insulation resistance should be measured for the 500-volt megger measurement,it should be greater than 0.5 megohm.


Vibrating sieve daily maintenance

  1. Vibrating sieve before starting:

(1) Check the coarse and fine screen mesh without damage

(2) Whether each clamp ring is locked

  1. 2. Rotary vibratingsieve start:

(1) Note that there is no abnormal noise

(2) Is the current stable?

(3) Whether there is any abnormal vibration

  1. 3. Vibration sieve after use: clean up after each use is completed. Regular maintenance.

Periodically check the coarse screen mesh, fine screen mesh and spring fatigue and damage, the body parts are damaged due to vibration, the need to add lubricants parts must be lubricated.