Rotary vibrating screen operation and installation requirements

一、There are two ways to feed the materials: Hand feeding and Mechanical feeding;
1、Hand feeding:
According to the screening effect of uniform feeding, avoid by all means a large amount of material, at this point is not only affect the screening effect, influence of the use of mesh quality and quality of the overall use of equipment.
2、Mechanical feeding: vibrating screen must connect with feeding equipment and hopper for Qualified products by soft connection.The output of all the machine must be matched.
Rotary vibrating screen
二、Rotary vibrating screen installation requirements:
1、Rotary vibrating screen and ground plane can be bolted connections, can also directly on the ground plane placed 5-10 mm thick rubber sheet as the damping plate;
2、Please remove transport fixing bolts before rotary vibrating screen starting work; (in the picture at the orange sign)
3、Three discharge outlets are together now(Figure 1), before using the device gradually loosen ring and adjust the outlets (Figure 2) to facilitate get materials. (360 degrees can be adjusted )
三、Please test run the machine without materials after installation, then feed materials by hand if anything is normal, if it’s also ok, please connect the vibrating screen with feeding equipment. For details, please refer to User's Guide.


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