Rotary vibrating screen maintenance knowledge

  1. Before start
    (1) Check coarse mesh and fine mesh for damage
    (2) Each set clamp ring whether locked

2. Start working
(1)Watch for abnormal noise
(2)Current whether stable
(3)If have abnormal when vibrating

3. Vibrating screen after use: clean up after use.
Tips: Vibrating sieve regular maintenance: Periodically check coarse mesh, fine mesh and springs whether fatigue and damage, if all parts of the body damaged due to vibration, need to add lubricating parts must be lubricated.


Rotary vibrating screen maintaining
1.Periodically check the surface of the screen if damaged, if damaged need to be replaced to avoid product screening failed.
2.Check the spring if loose, if yes, there is need to use a wrench tight, in order to achieve a better screening effect.
3.Check the screen frame V-ring whether damaged, if damaged it’s need timely repair to prevent leakage of material
4.Check the motor periodically and butter filling from butter nozzles.


Rotary vibrating screen routine maintenance knowledge
Rotary vibrating screen clogging reasons:
Rotary vibration screen during normal operation, due to various properties of materials, different shapes can produce various forms of sieve clogging. The main clogging reasons are as following:
1.The materials contain a lot particles closer to the aperture size;
2.High moisture content of materials
3.Spherical particles or material having a plurality of contact points with mesh;
4.Will produce static electricity;
5.Material with fibrous;
6.Lots of tabular grains;
7.The wire diameter is thick;
8.Rubber and other thick mesh sieve, aperture shape design is unreasonable, it does not reach the small great, make the particles clogging. Because most of the material particles is irregular, so the reasons for the clogging is varied


Solutions: In order to effectively prevent clogging, measures should be taken for the above reasons clogged mesh:
1. When the material is fine-grained, more clay content, and the aperture size is small, the moisture plays a decisive role on the screen clogging.
2. When the moisture in the material is greater than 5%, if the material is dried unconditionally, you need to targeted select the mesh.
3. When the moisture is greater than 8%, it should be wet sieving.
4. For more tabular grain material, you need to change the way the material crushing and different way of crushing processes with particle size.
Reasonably adjust the screen tension is an effective way to reduce clogging of the screen, so that a reasonable tension screen with support beams slight secondary vibration, thus effectively reducing the clogging phenomenon, practice, the tensioning hook made constant force tensioning mechanism, namely the installation of spring on the tension bolts.