ZGF Vibrating Feeder


Mine industry, metallurgical industry, coal industry, thermal power industry, fire industry, glass industry, building materials industry, light industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, grain industry, etc


Coal, ore, etc


Comparing with the electromagnetic feeder and reciprocating feeder, the vibrating feeder has features of simple and compact structure, strong and durable, feeding evenly and continuously, the trough wear small, long service life and convenient maintenance. This vibrating feeder can be divided into open type and enclosed type according to the on-site operation requirement, motor can be respectively arranged on the upper and bottom or side, forming three different forms of vibration source installation.Vibration feeding machine (feeder) performance characteristics: stable vibration, reliable work, long life;Can adjust the excitation force, can change and control the flow at any time, adjustment convenient and stable;Vibration motor is the excitation source, low noise, low power consumption, good regulation performance, no flush phenomenon.Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation, light weight, small volume and convenient maintenance, the machine can prevent dust pollution when using enclosed structure.


1, Small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation, easy maintenance, low cost.

2, By using self synchronization principle of a special vibration motor, the work is stable, the starting is rapid, and the parking is balanced.

3, Material jumps forward continuously according to the parabolic trajectory, so the feed chute has low wear.

4, Because of changing, opening or closing material flow instantaneously, the feeding amount is more accurate.

Its feeding process has completed by using a special vibration motor, which drives the feed tank to do straight reciprocating vibration along the inclined direction. When vertical acceleration component of the feed tank is larger than its gravity acceleration, the material will be tossed and jumping forward according to the parabolic trajectory, tossing and falling being completed within 1/50 second. Due to continuous excitation of the vibration motor, the feed chute vibrates continuously, and then the material in the feed chute moving forward continuously, so screening purpose can be reached.

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