SZC Series Vertical Vibration Elevator


food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, metal, metallurgical and mining, non-metallic industry, other industries


Carbon black, silica powder, mica, phosphor, feldspar powder, kaolin, silica black, fly ash, glass bead, environmental protection, plastic, plastic, Kiln, feed, condiments, fishmeal, rice flour, flour, soybean meal, milk powder, egg powder, starch, sugar, fruit juice, western medicine powder, Chinese medicine powder, pharmaceutical intermediates, pearl powder, soda ash, polyethylene, resin powder , Epoxy) Washing powder Auxiliaries Paints Dyes Pigments Rubber Paints & Alloys Powder Gold Powder Silver Powder Copper Powder Aluminum Powder Nickel Powder Chrome Powder Magnesium Powder Zinc Powder Barium Powder Vanadium Powder, titanium powder, strontium powder, lead powder, sand casting, etc


1. The whole small size, light weight, good sealing performance, no dust, high efficiency;
2. Cover a small area, energy saving, environmental protection;
3. Large capacity, for film equipment, particle material has strong adaptability;
4. Simple operation, easy maintenance;
5. In line with GMP standards, easy to clean; can be completely put an end to the secondary pollution caused by the material.

SZC series vertical vibration elevator hoist drive motor installed in the lower part of the delivery tower, two vibrating motor symmetrical cross installation, the delivery tower by the pipe and welded pipe around the spiral groove, the delivery tower seat on the damping device, minus The vibration device consists of base and vibration isolation spring. When the vertical conveyor work, according to the principle of self-synchronization of double vibration motor, the vibration motor generates excitation force, forcing the entire transmission tower for horizontal circular motion and upward vertical movement of the composite space vibration, spiral groove material by the trough Of the role of uniform throwing round motion, along the conveyor tank upward movement, thus completing the material up (or down) delivery operations.

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