GLS Probability Screen


Building materials, mineral processing, metallurgy, chemicals, food and other industries.


Dry powder mortar, mechanism sand, natural sand, quartz sand, perlite, dolomite, calcite, potash feldspar and other stone powder and mineral powder

Granulated sugar, raw salt, edible salt.

Multi-level Classification

Multi-level classification for mechanism sand or natural sand, screening mesh: 5mm ~ 2.36mm ~ 1.2mm ~ 0.6mm, some of the special mortar has been screened to 0.3mm ~ 0.15mm ~ 0.075mm.



Introduced advanced technology from Germany and Spain, etc, continuous R & D and site validation, the probability screen successfully replace the expensive imported equipment in the dry mortar production line.


High Output

GLS probability screen capacity can reach more than 80 tons per hour, one set probability screen capacity equal multiple sets ordinary vibrating sieve, layout is easier in site.


Longer Life Expectancy

Screen surface design is curved state, the external ratchet tension can easily control the screen surface tension without loose, to make the screen mesh with longer life.


Unique Structure

Closed multi-layer design, up to five layers can be designed, and change the mesh faster, the back of the machine and the front of the discharge port are all detachable design, you can quickly replace each layer of mesh.


Green Environmental Protection

GLS Probability Screen Equipment Cover designed with dust removal device, it can be easily connected to the site dust removal equipment to achieve dust-free screening requirements.

Multi-level classification for mechanism sand or natural sand, screening mesh: 5mm ~ 2.36mm ~ 1.2mm ~ 0.6mm, some of the special mortar has been screened to 0.3mm ~ 0.15mm ~ 0.075mm.

GLS probability screen can reach more than 80 tons per hour
GLS probability screen can reach more than 80 tons per hour
The output of linear vibrating sieve is low, and screening accuracy is not up to standard, you must use more sets to complete, the screening process layout is very difficult and costly.
Case: A production line with an output of 20 tons per hour (finished product). The traditional process needs 8 sets of coarse vibrating sieves, 8 sets of fine vibrating sieve and at least 16 sets of SZF-1235 linear vibrating sieves to finish the grading of various specifications.
At present,one set probability screen and two sets SZF-1235 linear vibrating sieve can complete the output of 20 tons per hour of finished products. If your production line only requires a classification of 5mm ~ 2.36mm ~ 1.2mm ~ 0.6mm, a probability screen can meet the net output of more than 20 tons of production.

Probability screen

Probability screen is a kind of sieve machinery which can make use of the principle of probabilistic sieve. The sieve theory points out that, in the work, the stranded time of each object in its interior is opposite to its weight. Through the actual experiment, particle size is much smaller than the hole, it can quickly pass the screen surface, the more close to the hole diameter, the longer the stranded time, if the diameter of the two sides are close, the stranded time of the material is the longest, popular speaking, large particles stay time is long , small particles stay time is short.

When the sieve machine starts, the symmetrical arrangement of two identical models and specifications of the vibration motor or exciter for synchronous reverse operation, the excitation force through the transmission body – motor or exciter base pass to the entire vibration body – sieve box, the sieve box drives the sieve surface to do periodic vibration, so that material in the sieve surface with the screen for directional leaping movement, meanwhile, the material less than the sieve aperture through the sieve hole fall to the bottom, as undersize material, the material larger than the sieve aperture is discharged from the outlet after the continuous jumping movement, and finally the screening operation is completed.

Model Layer Mesh Structure Mesh Size(mm) Area(㎡) Material Size(mm)
GLS0615 2-5 woven mesh ~50 0.9n ≤50
GLS0820 1.6n
GLS1018 1.8n
GLS1020 2.0n
GLS1225 3.0n
GLS1530 4.5n
GLS1536 5.4n
GLS1830 5.4n
GLS1836 6.5n
GLS2030 6.0n
GLS2040 8.0n

Note:The column “n” of screen surface area(㎡)show layer,for example, 0.9n meaning 0.9㎡×n。

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Effeciency
GLS0615 0.55×2 15-50 ≥95%
GLS0820 0.75×2 15-50
GLS1018 1.1×2 30-100
GLS1020 1.1×2 30-100
GLS1225 1.5×2 30-120
GLS1530 3.0×2 30-160
GLS1536 3.7×2 30-160
GLS1830 3.7×2 30-180
GLS1836 3.7×2 30-180
GLS2030 3.7×2 30-180
GLS2040 3.7×2 50-200

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