Linear Vibrating Sieve


Food Industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Metallurgical and mine, Chemical industry, Tailings dewatering


Granulated sugar, MSG, amino acids, freeze-dried food, coconut granules etc

Granule pills, pellets, Chinese medicine, etc

Iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, alloy powder, refractory materials, steel shot, aluminium oxide and so on

Activated carbon, glass, paper, fertilizer, sulfuric acid etc.

Iron ore tailings, lead and zinc tailings, quartz sand, potassium feldspar dehydration, industrial sewage, coal sludge dehydration, soil restoration


Linear vibrating screen
Linear vibrating screen
Linear vibrating screen

SZF Classic Linear Vibrating Sieve

Usage: classification, Impurity removal
Material: SUS304 stainless steel, Q235A carbon steel
Deck: 1-5 deck
Advantage: Classic design, suitable for most materials’ screening

SZF Linear Straight Sieve

Usage: impurity removal
Material: SUS304 stainless steel, Q235A carbon steel
Deck: 1 deck
Advantage: Big capacity of impurity removal

ZSG Heavy Vibrating Screen

Usage: The screening of big and heavy particles material
Material: carbon steel
Deck: 1-2 deck
Advantage: suitable for screening of big and heavy particle, large capacity material

GFVD Dewatering Screen

Usage: dehydration
Material: carbon steel
Deck: 1-2 deck
Advantage: dehydration capacity is large, dry-line effect is good

Linear vibrating screen

GFZX Granule Pills Sieve

Application industry: food and pharmaceutical industry
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Screen mesh: 12-80 mesh
Deck: 1-2 deck
Advantage: easy to clean and install

SZF-A Linear Vibrating Sieve

Application industry: food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Screen mesh: 8-120 mesh
Deck: 1-5 deck
Advantage: big screening capacity, can sieve 6 fraction at the same time

SZF-B Linear Vibrating Sieve

Application industry: chemical and metal powder industry
Material: The contact part is SUS304 stainless steel, the support material is Q235A carbon steel
Screen mesh: 8-120 mesh
Deck: 1-5 deck
Advantage: compared with the all stainless steel equipment, the cost is lower

SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

Application industry: industries without special requirements for materials
Material: carbon steel
Screen mesh: 8-120 mesh
Deck: 1-5 deck
Advantage: Durable and low cost

Linear Vibrating Screen

The Linear Vibrating Sieve has a particular effect on the screening and classification of powdery and grain materials. Linear vibrating screens are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, coherer, metallurgical and mining industries.

Chemical industry: chemical fertilizer, fertilizer, resin, paint, cosmetics, paint, etc.;

Pharmaceutical industry: industrial medicine, traditional Chinese medicine powder, granular pills, pellets, etc.;

Food industry: soybean, chestnut, steamed buns, spices, powdered sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soy milk, egg powder, etc.;

Metals, metallurgy and mining: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic materials, abrasive powder, refractory materials, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy carbonic acid Calcium, quartz sand, metal powder industry, mining industry, etc.;

The linear vibrating screen is a general-purpose device. According to different industries, the implementation standards are different, such as: food grade, and pharmaceutical grade, so they can be customized accordingly.

Vibrating separator

Working principle of the vibrating separator: when two vibrating motors are vertically mounted on the screen body and do relative power, the eccentric blocks at the ends generated exciting forces, resulting in the lateral vibration forces which offset each other due to the relative operation of the motors. The longitudinal vibration force is passed to the entire screen box through the vibrating body to vibrate the screen surface, so that the material on the screen surface do jumping movement to the outlet direction, material smaller than the mesh hole will fall to the lower deck, and be discharged after continuous jumping. Because the screening process is reasonable, the materials after classification can obtain several different particle sizes of materials. In this way, the classification work is finished.

As a linear vibrating screen manufacturer, Gaofu company’s products are not limited to one model. According to different industries and material characteristics, we have developed GFZX granule sifting machine, SZF straight sieve and other two models. Gaofu company can meet not only the standard needs of customers, but also tailor-made requirements for special customers. This is our advantage, because we have 38 years’ screening experience and more than 10,000 customer testimonials.

This vibrating separator has a simple structure and also easy operations. According to customers’ requirements and product characteristics, Gaofu can provide three kinds of screen frame: carbon steel screen frame, stainless steel screen frame or punching plate. No matter which one a customer chooses, Gaofu company can use strict manufacturing process to ensure the quality of products.

The linear vibrating screen can be adapted by the factory to meet special requirements regarding plant layout, performance and environmental constraints. Specify your particular requirements, or enquire us about the range of features, accessories, painting systems and materials of construction currently available.

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