GF2PGX Two Roller Fine Crusher


Thermal power plants, thermal companies, etc


Coal, coal gangue, lignite, bituminous coal, peat, etc


Stable and High Yield Without Block

Relative roller differential speed operation with mutual scraping action, because of its higher running speed, and also has role of "former pulling back pressure, former blowing back inhaling", the crusher has no requirement of moisture and mud content in any time, will not affect the crushing effect. Material is always all into the whole out to ensure overfill force.


Crushing Rate Low, Grain Size Fine

Crushing rate low, grain size fine: adopting combined crushing but not impact and strike breaking, it will not produce secondary crushing phenomenon, so crushing rate is very low. Two teeth roller center distance will not change once fixed, the materials will be crushed instantly, almost no repeat broken, to ensure uniform granule.


Low Investment Costs

Screen and crush together, a small investment: two teeth roller relative rotation form rotary space lattice sieve. To achieve the double effect of crushing and screening, one machine can complete the crushing and screening work. So, you don’t need to match the screening equipment, simplifying system, reduce investment cost.


Simple Structure,Less Maintenance

Handwheel or hydraulic structure can adjust the discharging granularity quickly.The equipment adopt modular architecture, can be divided remote installation according to the site requirement, or customer can choose assembly installation, so as to lift and maintain conveniently. Standard modular composite teeth plate more interchangeability and versatility, greatly reduce the replacement cycle of the teeth plate and operating costs.


Environmental Protection

Input size≤350mm, the outlet between 3-50 mm can be freely adjusted, a crushing ratio can reach 50.GF crusher machine energy consumption has a function of reserve and kinetic energy release.Less than 0.03mm amplitude and below 70 decibels noise, the micro positive pressure and all enclosed structure forms, completely eliminate the work-site "three evils" phenomenon, prevent workers silicosis, it is truly environmentally friendly products.


Uniform Feeding,Long Service Life

Vibration feeding, uniform distribution: choosing our company's new type anti-adhesion and anti-blocking vibration uniform feeder, reduce the teeth plate eccentric wear, prolong the life of the teeth plate


Integrated Liquid Spring Balance

My company develops automatic concession crusher patented product for the current condition that the coal source is not fixed and more debris . When the wood and other non-magnetic alloy or rubber and other flexible objects can not be broken in the crusher, the two roller quickly and automatically retreat parallel to the above materials, and then quickly returned to the original gap position, to keep continuous operation.


Safe & Intelligent Reliability

GF2PGX two roller fine crusher is security smart and reliable: the machine adopts the double protection of the electrical and mechanical, cabinet is equipped with PLC programmable controller, which has the interlock protection function, can achieve local control and centralized control room manual / automatic control. It is a ideal crusher for the heating and powering.

Double teeth roller crusher

Integrated liquid spring balance flashback protection
My company develops automatic concession crusher patented product for the current condition that the coal source is not fixed and more debris.

Modularization combination teeth plate,technology advanced and easy installation, less maintenance.

The teeth plate of GF new model teeth roller crusher adopt the fourth generation fast dismounting structure, it only need a few minutes to dismount one piece of plate.

The teeth form of GF new model teeth roller crusher is 3 times bigger than the traditional teeth roller crusher, and its teeth layout more thickness.

Quoting Germany technology, special teeth model design, high wear-resistant alloy steel, modularization combination teeth plate is wear-resisting, ensure grain size.

GF new coal crusher adopt "hydraulic pressure integration balanced flash back", in the case of non-broken material into the crusher accidental cases, two teeth roller parallel back-off and always quickly reset, to ensure that equipment from the spindle radial impact force, the relative teeth plate will not touch each other, thus ensuring the safety of the precious machine inspection.

Traditional teeth roller crusher still use simple reed conceding, when the non-broken material into the roller, one roller retracted end and the other end is not retracted, known as "skimming character concessions"in the industry, the spindle is easy broken by radial force. If a teeth big, it is easier to appear teeth fight teeth situation.

GF new roller teeth crushers adopt uniform vibration blocking release distributor, coal can be uniformly covered with roller surface, it can temporarily uniform the amount of coal, to prevent teeth side wear plates, to extend the life of the teeth plate, saving accessories cost.

Common coal crusher adopt the traditional way to feed material, it can’t solve the problem of uniform feeding, easy to plug and cause eccentric wear, tooth plate short life and high cost.

New teeth roller crusher create motor structure which placed on the same side, four roller even by force, when two fine rollers concessions, it will not have any impact on motor acting while the belt loose, but also left plenty of space for maintenance.

Traditional roller coal crusher uses diagonal placed structure of motor, when the two fine rollers concessions, it will accelerate belt wear because of the motor belt slack, and more likely to cause damage to the motor, and takes up a lot of space, impact of maintenance.

Comparison of the Granularity Results Of Teeth Roller Coal Crusher & Hammer Crusher

Teeth roller coal crusher principle is: the fuel enter from up, and discharge directly from bottom outlet, without secondary crushing. To achieve the crushing purpose through crushing and screening by snap action between teeth, the grain evenly, over powder rate is very low, and its broken particle size can be quickly adjusted by the screw, to fully meet the requirements of coal-fired fluidized bed boiler, to avoid fly ash waste. 100% size guaranteed!

Hammer crusher, due to repeatedly hammering the fuel, the over crushed situation is more serious, finest material without adequate fuel will fly out, resulting in a tremendous resources waste. If calculate according to waste two thousandths per day, 700 tons of fuel was wasted a year, the direct economic loss will up to $ 800,000.

Comparision of Clogging Requirements of Teeth Roller Coal Crusher & Hammer Crusher

GF new teeth roller crushers is differential operation between two rollers, it can clean up material between two rollers, so as to prevent clogging phenomenon,100% non-stick non blocked!

Hammer crusher has mandatory requirements for fuel moisture, if the moisture more than 6%, the teeth plate will be clog, then the capacity will be lower, if the moisture reached about 10%, the production capacity will be reduced to 1/3 of the rated capacity.

Comparision of Pollution Between Teeth Roller Coal Crusher & Hammer Crusher

Teeth roller crusher is a slight negative pressure operation mode, no noise, no dust spills, 100% environmental health.

Hammer crusher’s working principle, resulting in a positive pressure airflow, severe dust pollution; its mechanical vibration can cause serious noise pollution; direct harm to staff’s physical and mental health.

The performance analysis and comparison between teeth roller crusher and hammer crusher (250t/h coal crushing as a case)

Performance Discharging size Over crushed
GF teeth roller crusher Screw control can be adjusted Instant stealth broken, almost no re-break
Hammer crusher Need to replace the plate, mesh size is restricted Process of crushing, repeated hammering
Comparative analysis Roller convenient adjustment, fully meet the needs of granularity Hammer crusher over crushed serious, low thermal efficiency of the boiler
Performance Sticky&blocking phenomenon Rated output
GF teeth roller crusher Relative scraping, no blocked and stick Full rated output (any water content)
Hammer crusher Sticky, blocking serious (water content> 6%) 60% of the rated output (wet and dry when unevenness)
Comparative analysis Hammer crusher easy to clogging, need to clean manually Hammer crusher output only 35% when the water ≥10%, low efficiency
Performance Suitable hardness Feed size Moisture
GF teeth roller crusher Low, medium and high brittle materials ≤350mm Water content without any requirements
Comparative analysis Middle and high brittle materials ≤160mm Request moisture content≤6%
Comparative analysis Low brittle materials is also effective A wide size range If excessive water, the hammer crusher easy to clogging, does not work
Performance Vibrating screen Heating equipment
GF teeth roller crusher No need No need
Hammer crusher Minimum model 1530 vibrating screen (about 13000dollars) It’s need heating equipment when moisture is 6% or higher
Comparative analysis An additional layer to place vibrating screen in hammer crusher building Material not drying, hammer crusher can not work
Performance Noise (no-load operation) Dust
GF teeth roller crusher Less than 70 db Roll balanced rotation, small stream, almost no dust
Hammer crusher More than 100 db Hammer operation, to generate strong positive airflow, large dust
Comparative analysis Hammer crusher with big noise, serious noise pollution Teeth roller crusher environmental protection, no dust
Performance vibration Coking
GF teeth roller crusher Relatively balanced operation, micro-vibration Material size in line with the requirements of the boiler operation, it does not occur due to the deposition of coke
Hammer crusher Hammer eccentric high-speed operation, big vibration Hammer Crusher is a flexible connection, for coal 5-20mm small stones can not be broken, small stones into the cold slag deposition on the bottom, so that the local flow of quality deterioration, severe coking
Comparative analysis Hammer crusher has high requirements for infrastructure Coke can cause maintenance and safety hazards
Performance Wearing parts replacement cycle (eight-hour day)
GF teeth roller crusher Teeth plate ≥6 months
Hammer crusher Hammer, back plate, grate 2-4 months
Comparative analysis Teeth roller crushers long maintenance intervals and reduced maintenance frequency, high efficiency
Performance Equipment weight Motor power(250t/h)
GF teeth roller crusher 28.1t Four roller type total power is 180kw
Hammer crusher 15t (260+320)KW(coarse broken+ fine broken)
Comparative analysis Hammer crusher manufacture simple, low cost, teeth roll coal crusher mechanism causing this relatively high Hammer crusher will take more 400kw power consumption per hour, according to work 10 hours a day, 300 days working plant electricity costs 0.4 yuan / kWh per annum, the annual power consumption of more than 1.2 million kw, that is 480,000 yuan。

In conclusion:
1. Teeth roller crusher can save electricity 480,000 yuan than hammer crusher each year (In Case of 250TlH crusher).
2. Hammer crusher needs to increase: dust collector, vibrating screen, heater, broken building civil engineering and other costs bigger than RMB 300,000.
3. Hammer crusher presence of noise, dust, coke and other environmental problems, which bring inconvenience for normal operation, bring hidden dangers for the health of employees.
4. Because the hammer crusher structure principle cause the material too easy to smash, bringing uncertainty to the circulating fluidized bed boiler for its normal working.

In summary, in terms of production capacity and economic considerations, GF new teeth roller crusher substituted ring hammer crusher is inevitable.

This machine is composed by frame, gear roller, transmission device and gear roller gap adjustment device and so on. Adopting alternating current motor to drive the coarse broken tooth roller on the both sides by the strong triangular belt respectively, so that the coarse broken tooth roller rotates in opposite directions. After the material enters the crushing chamber from the inlet, the two coarse roller is broken by a variety of different combinations broken which are rotated at a high speed, the partical size can be reach to around 6mm after fine broken, the size of particle size can be adjusted by fine teeth roller gap to complete.

GF2PGX Two Roller Fine Crusher Parameters(Input size≤50mm, output size≤10mm.)

Model Capacity(t/h) Dimensions(L*W*H) Weight(Kg)
GF2PGX-90 70-100 4300×1630×1000 8530
GF2PGX-120 100-130 4300×1830×1000 9800
GF2PGX-150 140-160 4300×2130×1000 11130
GF2PGX-180 160-190 4500×1970×1200 13250
GF2PGX-200 180-210 4500×2480×1200 14045
GF2PGX-250 220-260 4500×2480×1200 14390
GF2PGX-350 270-360 4500×2790×1200 17120
GF2PGX-400 350-410 4550×3090×1200 19345

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