GZ Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder


Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, abrasive industry, non-metallic industry, other industries.


Crystal sugar, potato chips, cacao beans, pills, medicine powder, medicine granule, quartz sand, zirconium corundum, silicon carbide, plastic particles, rubber powder, PVC granule, etc.


Electromagnetic vibrating feeder to block, granular and powder materials from the storage warehouse or funnel in a row continuous or quantitative to the material receiving device, stepless adjustment of the amount of feed, and to achieve centralized control of the production process And automatic control.

Electromagnetic feeder is a general-purpose equipment, according to different industries, different implementation standards, such as: food-grade, pharmaceutical grade, can be tailored.

1, Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, no rotating parts without lubrication, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

2, Due to the use of the principle of mechanical vibration resonance, double plastids in the near-critical low-resonance state of work, which consume less power.

3, Due to the instantaneous change and opening and closing of the stream, so to feed the amount of higher accuracy.

4, Can achieve the centralized control of production processes and automatic control.

5, Less wear to the trough.

6, Made of alloy steel tank, suitable for conveying high temperature, severe abrasion and corrosive materials.

7, Does not apply to the occasions with explosion-proof requirements.

The feeding process of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is realized by the electromagnetic vibrator driving the feeding slot to reciprocate periodically in the inclined direction. When the vertical component of the acceleration of the feeder vibration is greater than the gravitational acceleration, the material in the slot will be thrown , And follow the trajectory of the parabolic jump forward movement, throwing and falling within 1/5 seconds to complete the trough every vibration once the trough of the material is thrown forward jump once, so that the frequency of vibration of the tank is 3000 times per minute , the material is thrown forward jump accordingly, so that the material moving forward continuously even, to feed.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively complete elastic system with dual mass point forced vibration. The whole system works in the low critical resonance state. The electromagnetic vibrator drives the trough to make reciprocating vibration with a certain inclination to move the materials along the trough . The material is placed on the feed tank body supported by the main vibration spring, and the armature is connected with the main vibration spring of the tank body, and the coil is wound on the iron core. As the coil is flowing through the half-wave rectified unidirectional ripple current, therefore, the electromagnetic pulse generated on the corresponding electromagnetic force. In the positive half cycle of the alternating current, the pulsating current flows through the coil, a pulsating electromagnetic force is generated between the iron core and the armature, so that the tank body moves backward. The main spring of the vibration exciter deforms and stores the potential energy. During the negative half cycle, No current through the coil, the electromagnetic force disappears, the armature in the spring force separated from the electromagnet, the trough forward movement, so trough on the AC power frequency, continuous reciprocating vibration.

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