Bucket Elevator


Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, other industries, etc


Rubber powder, magnetic material, rubber fertilizer, calcium powder (light calcium, heavy calcium), zinc powder, active calcium, hawthorn powder, iron oxide black, iron oxide red, powder, quartz powder, etc

  1. It is a kind of conveying machine that uses a series of hoppers are fixed on the traction component, lifting materials vertically and continuously. There are three types, chains type, plate link chain type and belt type.
  2. Transmission capacity can be adjusted in accordance with transmission speed, and choosing the hoisting height according to the need. The hopper is designed and manufactured by our own company; you can choose wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other materials according to the situation of your work site.
  3. Adopting inflow feeding, induction discharge and intensive layout of large capacity hopper, making raw materials rarely extrude and collide, reducing material sprinkle;
  4. Fully enclosed structure, no flying dust.

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