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Fine Sieving


Fine Sieving Machine

Xinxiang Gaofu Machinery has created ten series of products since the company was founded, covering rotary vibrating sieve, ultrasonic vibrating sieve, dust-free feeding station, safety sieve, tumbler screening machine, centrifugal sifter, laboratory test sieve, and so on.

All of these fine sieving machines are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and metallurgical industries. Whether it is granule or powder, our company has the method to help every customer to process it. Of course, this fine sieving machine can be used not only for solid, but also for liquid, such as soy sauce, and soybean milk. If your production capacity is small, we provide small-size models; if your production capacity is big, we also provide suitable models. In a word, Gaofu machinery can give you what you want, and can solve all kinds of screening problems you encounter.

Some customers are afraid that the machine can’t meet their requirements, for example, they say that their material is sticky or that their capacity is quite big. No matter what kind of products, Gaofu can provide professional pre-sale services for you as long as you make a request.

Fine Screening Machine

Gaofu machinery has always been committed to researching, developing, innovating, upgrading and rebuilding equipment on the basis of the original ones, so as to derive more fine screening machines that can meet various market and industry needs.

Gaofu machinery strictly controls the original materials so as to ensure that food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade products comply with the national standards and all customer requirements; and also keeps improving the details of the machines, making them easier for operators to use and maintain.

For a fine screening machine, its design and manufacturing both are important. Gaofu machinery has the ability to customize products and services for different customers, because we have a mature R & D team and rich screening experience. We have a dedicated laboratory, where the customer’s materials can be tested at the pre-sale stage and a video can be made during the whole test process for the customer. Therefore, customers can truly understand the operation effect of equipment anytime anywhere. We can build on cooperation with skilled partners or agents to optimize our products and enhance our ability to deliver what our customers need. We also have set high quality standards for our global sales business and spare parts-related service.