Linear vibrating screen mesh installation

1. Screen cut: the width is the same as frame’s width, longer than the frame’s length 50 ~ 70MM;
2. Screen choice is very important, because the linear vibrating screen net mounted relatively cumbersome, so choose wire diameter coarse screen;
3. The tensioner of the screen is the main factor affecting the screening, so be sure to screen up tight.
4. The screening trawl net selection: the material proportion heavier or screen mesh higher, to be installed at a suitable mesh sieve based on the trawl, purpose: support screening network, reducing material’s pressure on screening network.
5. clear net ball selection: ball installation according to sieving difficulty and mesh size; avoid blindly install ball;
6. frame is assembled on the screen box, should put the screen upper the outlet;
7. each of the frame must have flexiblility rubber gasket as each seal, pay attention to that the material is better mobility or finest;
8. The plate flatness and tightness: To uniform compress the plate, to ensure frame flatness and fixed; screen frame’s flatness directly affect the machine’s screening efficiency, screen’s tightness is direct impact on the screen life and product mix level.
9. test screen’s assembled state: open screen machine’s lid, feed a little material to test material’s balance state, even if the material is conveyed forward uniformly, indicating that the flatness of the screen is intact; If the material is biased or go ditch, Description flatness of screening machine is poor, properly adjusted flatness of the screening machine; to test sieving material, if material has obvious large particles string material, indicating poor sealing and compaction of the screen, adjust the degree of compaction and sealing;

Use dry tailings dewatering screen discharge system function:

Dry tailings dewatering screen is a gradual rise in recent years, the domestic one kind of new tailings dewatering equipment, mineral processing output by means of tailings slurry after multi-level and concentrated, and then by dehydration screen, and other highly efficient dewatering equipment, final easy to produce precipitation curing water containing small venues stockpiling and use of slag.

Tailings is one of the mineral tailings sorting operations product, which has the lowest content of value the role of components, in the current scientific technology, is no longer suitable for further sorting ore, has become final tailings.

Although the tailings have the lowest component of value role, but not the lowest value in use. Tap potential tailings is considered large, high secondary use of critical resources. If you do not make good use of tailings, tailings large accumulation not only need to have a large tailings site, will cause great environmental pollution, but also likely to cause the tailing dam accident, a security problem. Therefore, the correct handling of tailings not only bring us great benefits, but also solve the problem of environmental pollution. Dry tailings dewatering screen is good to solve this problem.

The use of tailings dewatering screen on the market is divided into two main methods, the first using a combination of dewatering screen and cyclones. After the tailings through cyclone concentrated, underflow into the high frequency dehydration screen dehydration, tailings water content is less than 16%, and then to dry drained tailings pile purposes. That way high efficiency, yield large, save money, etc., is the way the market's most widely used. The second is the direct use of concentrated mechanical filter, when this kind of way to start the investment is relatively large, and smaller scope, and even sometimes can not meet the production requirements of efficiency or degree of dehydration. Wherein the use of tailings dewatering machine dry row main process way enrichment equipment, dewatering equipment, transportation equipment, and these three devices. Selection and delivery mainly by way of process equipment tailings slurry material properties, particle size distribution, specific gravity and other parameters and indicators of site conditions to determine the geographical environment.

Process combination of dry tailings dewatering screen mainly in the following ways: 1, thickener + + multi-frequency screen + cyclone combination. It is mainly applicable to -325 mesh dehydration requires within 80% of all minerals. The combination is low cost, low investment, high efficiency, low cost, use almost no wear parts, long life multi-frequency mesh. 2, cyclone + thickener + + belt filter combination. This combination has the advantage of uninterrupted production , for small coarse tailings, the disadvantage is the high power consumption of the production process, leading to high costs, investment, product moisture of 15% to 18%. 3, thickener + chamber filter press or a combination of vertical filter press. This combination is suitable for the fine grade material, product moisture of 15% to 25%. Its disadvantages of discharge is not continuous, low life. Advantages of production capacity, product moisture is low. 4, thickener and ceramic filter. The combination of the advantages of continuous production, lower product moisture. The disadvantage is the high cost of equipment, ceramic filter plate easy to plug, cleaning process complicated. This combination is suitable for concentrate dewatering. 5, thickener + + multi-frequency screen + filter combination to complete the dewatering project. Apply to very fine-grained minerals.

Currently the country is in a period of economic restructuring, clean production as the primary goal of many mining companies, the use of dry tailings discharge process tailings dewatering screen is becoming an irresistible trend. Mainly advantages of dry tailings dewatering screen: 1, row dry tailings dewatering screen use technology effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by occupation of land and other safety problems. 2, row dry tailings dewatering screen during use of new technologies, processes, innovative, successfully solved the problem of tailings pile and implemented comprehensive management of mined-out area. 3, after the tailings dewatering, dry emissions, saving construction costs and regular maintenance costs, make full use of gravity backwater, saving floor space, eliminate security risks tailings, saving less safe investment.

Integrated ranked in terms of dry tailings dewatering screen can achieve maximize benefits.

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