Linear vibrating screen mesh installation type

Screen mesh installation type: single-deck screen mesh, double-deck screen mesh, single-deck with bouncing ball, double-deck with bouncing ball.

(1)Single-deck screen mesh: Suitable for the product of large pore size, good screening, bulk density is not big; for example: pore size 4mm, 2mm particles compound fertilizer.

(2)Double-deck screen mesh: suitable for the product of good screening but bulk density bigger, such as 60 mesh iron powder。

(3)Single-deck screen mesh with bouncing ball: suitable for product of bad screening, bulk density moderation, mesh above 150 material; for example: aluminite powder: 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh

(4)Double-deck screen mesh with bouncing ball: suitable for fine screening of hard to sieve, bulk density bigger, under 60 mesh; for example: quartz sand, 60 mesh, 100 mesh, 150mesh and so on.

(5)One set of vibrating screen can adopt various mesh installation type, for example: screening material is quartz sand, screening mesh is 10, 20, 40, 120, then 10 mesh can use single-deck, 20 mesh and 40 mesh can use single-deck with bouncing ball, 120 mesh can use double-deck with bouncing ball.