Iranian customers come to our company for inspection – Gaofu probability screen to cast quality sales

On November 16, 2018, Iranian customers came to the company to conduct on-the-spot investigations, hoping to achieve this cooperation.


A group of four people conducted on-the-spot investigations on the company's production site, exhibition hall and test room, and conducted in-depth discussions with technical personnel. In the production workshop, Iranian customers have a great interest in probability screen. After visiting the physical equipment, the quality and technology of the equipment are very positive.


GLS Series Probability Screen is designed with full demonstrability and utmost optimization in additional to the introduction of the advanced techniques of Germany and Spain。 Compared with the commonly-used machine this series bears extremely high screening efficiency, which widely used in fine screening of powder of medium and fine gradation, in many industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Engineering, Food and so forth。


After nearly three hours of communication with our sales and technical staff, the customer kindly took a photo with us and left the company with a satisfactory solution!


Gaofu company's probability screen has been recognized and loved by more and more customers, and it also mentions the company's business philosophy of mass casting sales.