Gaofu Strength

Gaofu Strength

Gaofu Strength


Quality Gaofu

Excellent quality is the bridge to the world. Gaofu enhance the quality of assiduous, to continue to meet customer demand as the source of lean manufacturing power. From the point to the surface, from the details to the overall situation, from product to management, Gaofu always adhere to the tireless pursuit of perfection, to surpass ourselves and steadily enhance brand value.

Innovative Gaofu

Heart ideal, down to earth. From the traditional single product airflow sieve, rotary vibration sieve and linear vibrating sieve, the company has developed into 4 categories of products including intelligent screening, crushing equipment and filtration equipment. Cutting thorns and knot resistance all the way, the company has stepped out an industrial technology development way of independent exploration, technology introduction and autonomy Innovative. In this way, Gaofu wins the pioneer in screening field with cutting-edge technology.

High efficiency Gaofu

Transformation period, upgrade chance. Through innovation and application of advanced management concepts such as high performance, lean six sigma and full staff quality, Seize the opportunity to adjust. To fully create the advantages of global management and control, strategic implementation, scientific management, efficient processes and high performance, and create distinctive excellence Management of the new standard.

Wisdom Gaofu

Gaofu maintain competitive edge continuously through the integration of the two businesses and promote the depth of global business convergence and efficient coordination. It has not only realized the full coverage, penetration and integration of informatization in R & D and design, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and service, but also explored a successful development path for the deep integration of China’s vibration screening industry.