How to do of Rotary vibration sieve uneven distribution?

As we all know, ternary rotary vibration sieve is a high-precision powder screening machine, because of its low noise, high efficiency, fully enclosed structure, can change mesh quickly characteristics, by the majority of users respected. In the course it will appear the phenomenon of uneven materials . The following solutions are given for this phenomenon.

First: Check whether the screen frame is fixed. If the frame is not fixed, it often leads the screen box shaking when screening the material, which causes overflow material uneven discharge.

Second: Check the screen installation is installed according to the regulations. The so-called provisions of the sieve refers to: When installing the sieve screen mesh network should be pressed tight, should not be hacked. Cut the screen along the screen edge should be cut. You can not leave edge too much, this will affect the screening effect. Rotary vibrating screen for changing sieve quick reference (ternary vibrating screen quick exchange network - to improve production efficiency).

Third: Check the motor steering is correct. Under normal circumstances the motor switch to the machine is already set up! In the actual installation process there will be technicians to install and teach on-site vibrating sieve basic troubleshooting.

Forth: observe whether the material feed according to the technical requirements.