How much do you know single layer linear vibrating screen?

Linear vibrating screen, also known as (linear screen). Is a dual vibration motor driven universal vibration screening equipment. Widely used in abrasive abrasive raw materials, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, resin powder, ceramic raw materials, metallurgy, building materials, food, fertilizer and other industries in the dry powder, fine granular or fine powder material screening. Today we will focus on introducing a single linear vibrating screen.

1, Definition: According to the literal understanding: A single linear sieve that machine install one layer sieve, the material can be divided into two different particles.

2, Single-layer linear vibrating screen Features: Linear vibrating screen has the advantages of small volume, simple and reasonable structure, high screening accuracy, no pollution, low noise, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple maintenance and long screen life. Can be single or multi-layer use, up to five layers, the screen frame is generally a wooden structure, if the screen larger, high yield when the screen frame can be made of steel structure, if the screening of corrosive materials, and materials the contact part is made of stainless steel. Motor installation can be divided into the down vibration and side vibration, shock absorber installation can be divided into seat and hanging. Our company can also be based on user needs special design and manufacturing.

Linear vibrating screen for particle size is from 0.074mm to 5mm, moisture content of less than 7% non-sticky dry powder material screening, the maximum feed particle size is generally not more than 10mm.The series of vibrating screen can also be used for liquid filtration and screening operations, used for sewage treatment, can also be used for screening of larger particles of pulverized coal, for larger material handling, the thickness of the screen body to be thickened, the motor Power needs to be increased, as per the punching sieve sieve and so on.