How long the life of dewatering screen plate ?

How long the life of dewatering screen plate ? How you can reduce the frequency of replacement screen plate?
Under normal circumstances, the screen plate can wear more than 3 months. According to the material thickness of the screen surface, select the appropriate equipment model, the material thickness in the 50-100mm, overload life will be reduced.

What’s the wearing parts of dewatering screen? Only the screen plate is wear parts.

How much is the cost of replacing screen plate ? 2500 yuan per square. As VD-1836 screen machine, 6.48m2 * 2500 yuan = 16,200 yuan.

What is the requirement concentration of the material feed to dewatering screen? For example iron tailings, usually the original pulp concentration of 10% -20%, after the cyclone or thickener concentrate, into dewatering screen concentration of 40% -60%, this enables the material on the screen surface quickly form a filter layer, the dewatering effect is better.

What material of the dewatering screen plate? Wear-resisting? What are the advantages? Polyurethane screen plate; in the screen plate lined with high-strength steel, has the advantage of high wear resistance; monolithic sieve small size, low replacement costs.

Does the screen plate easy to clog ? How to do if the the plate clogging ? No clogging, the plate is inverted triangle design; Dewatering plate by the filter layer, doesn’t affect the dewatering effect.


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