Gaofu screen machine: be good at capturing detail business opportunities everywhere

Laozi said: the world is difficult to do, will do in easy, the world, the great things must be done in detail. The details are often hidden in the mystery that determines the success or failure of the matter. Enterprises grasp the details to achieve fine management, the foundation industry evergreen; the personal grasp of the details, can prevent the gradual development, do not lose big, to success and excellence.


Xiao Li of the company's sales department successfully signed a contract a few days ago, and the key to success is that she attentively does everything, meticulous about her work, full of enthusiasm for clients, in return for the final victory.

Xiao Li came to work at lunch that day. When he passed his desk, he saw an unanswered call on the phone, checked it out casually, and found that he had called a dozen minutes ago. At that time, his colleagues were all eating. No one would answer the phone, and then he went back. I learned that it turned out that it was a company, Chief Shi, who had come to Zhengzhou for a business trip. I heard that there were many manufacturers in Xinxiang producing shaker shakers, and they just wanted to build a new factory and wanted to get on the equipment, so they called and consulted, and now they are scrambling to get on the plane. It's too late to visit the factory! Later hung up the phone, Xiao Li soon sent a message to Shi, detailed contact details and blessing.

The next day, Shi returned the phone and explained in detail the characteristics of their materials. Xiao Li also made a detailed introduction to the equipment and recommended several models according to Shi's description. Thus, Xiao Li explained it with the most professional knowledge. To the greatest extent possible, meet the aggregate demand for stone. Kung fu does not have the heart, the list is finally successfully won.

Life everywhere opportunities, as long as you can pay attention to every detail around, perhaps just a random listen to the small information, will also give you unlimited surprise.


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