Gaofu Machinery participated in the 126th Canton Fair

Gaofu Machinery participated in the 126th Autumn Canton Fair from October 15th to 19th, 2019, and sold it on the spot.

In addition to business transactions, Canton Fair has a more important role: First, the Canton Fair has become an important place for each company to meet with customers and friends; Second, the Canton Fair will maximize the concentration of buyers and suppliers in the industry. This is very difficult to achieve. There are not many exhibitions in the world that have achieved this goal, and China has done it through the Canton Fair. Third, the Canton Fair has made our company truly face the world, which is also an opportunity for us to promote the brand.

For Gaofu, the most important thing to come to the Canton Fair is not to harvest a large number of orders, but to get to know more buyers from all over the world through the Canton Fair platform and establish contacts with potential customers. Especially in the first two days of the exhibition, more is to negotiate with customers, show the stage of the company's strength, give customers enough confidence in the first two days, customers will come back after the visit of the Canton Fair's overall exhibitors. Further cooperation.