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一、Under what circumstances customers to use explosion-proof motor
1. Screening material is flammable gas or solid matter, only according to the characteristics of screening material to determine whether the explosion-proof motor access to the line.
2. The screening venues having flammable gas or solid matter, and this was the rigid standard for screening venues: for example: petroleum, petrochemical, coal, medicine, military enterprises.
二、What industries and places must be explosion-proof motor?
1. Petroleum and petrochemical companies - Cause: The screening venues having flammable gas or solid matter, so regardless of the material characteristics, the motor must be explosion-proof motor.
2. Coal mines, in deep - Cause: likely to have methane gas in place, so the motor must be explosion-proof motor coal safety mark. This condition is also the rigid standards as coal mine gas explosion occurred when the person responsible is difficult to determine.
3. The pharmaceutical industry - strictly speaking, the pharmaceutical industry also need to use a gas explosion-proof motor, because the pharmaceutical industry will be alcohol gas in the workshop.
4. Production of aluminum paste, paint companies –the medium for screening and grinding of aluminum paste is 200 # solvent oil or turpentine, oils also is flammable and explosive substances. According to national standards should be explosion-proof motor.
5. Military enterprises, especially the production of explosive powders also needs explosion-proof motor.
6. Fireworks production enterprises.


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