Disassembly of vibrating screen bearing notes

Bearing is one of the main components of vibrating screen, improper disassembly of vibrating screen bearings, may cause damage to the internal bearing, the contaminant enters the bearing or re-installation may occur. Therefore, disassembly of vibrating bearings must be very careful, the shaft must be properly supported, otherwise the removal of power may hurt the bearings. The following is a summary of Gaofu company for your reference.

  1. 1.the demolition of the periphery

Remove the interference fit with the outer ring, prior to the outer circumference of the shell set several outer ring extrusion screw with a screw while tightening the screw evenly. Disassemble. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, vibrating screen tapered roller bearings and other separable bearings, the housing block shoulder set several incisions, the use of pad, with the press to remove, or gently tap the demolition.

  1. Vibrating screen cylindrical bore bearing disassembly

Inner ring disassembly, you can use pressure mechanical pull. At this point, we must pay attention to the inner ring to withstand its pulling force.

Big model vibrating screen bearing inner ring by hydraulic method. Oil pressure is provided through the oil hole provided on the shaft to make it easy to pull. The width of the bearing is the hydraulic method and pull the fixture with the use of the demolition operations.

NU, NJ-type cylindrical roller vibrating screen bearing inner ring can be removed by induction heating. Local heating in a short time, so that after the expansion of the inner ring drawing method.

  1. Tapered bore bearing removal

Remove the smaller bearing with adapter sleeve, support the inner ring with the stop fastened to the shaft, turn the nut several times, and then use the spacer to hammer and disassemble.